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anyone know it? i only want the chorus, its driving me mad

OK, I've been looking for the strumming pattern for this song for a while now. I was actually looking for the strumming for the verses, but here's my one version of strumming the chorus:

But uh oh,
I love her because
Cmaj D Em
She moves in her own way
Cmaj Am
But uh oh, she came to my show
Cmaj D G
Just to hear about my day

Numbers are down strums and pluses are up strums

Strumming example: 1 2+ +4+
or down .... down up .... up down up
.... - are pauses or skips or ghost strums

D 1 2+ +4+
Am 1 2+ +4+
Cmaj 1 2+
D 1 2+
Em 1 2+ +4+
Cmaj 1 2+ +4+
Am 1 2+
D 1 2+
G 1

Hope that helps. Ask me questions, I'll try to answer
Keep jamin'!
hi please can you tell me the strumming pattern for the start of it? i love this song and really want to play it thanks x