I'm having the hardest time trying to remember the name or author of this story(and I've spent the last hour searching for an answer). It's in a society where elderly people have to take a test every so often to prove that they still deserve to live. And this one older guy knows that he has no chance of passing, and realizes how much stress he is causing his son, so he offs himself. Ring a bell to anyone?
also, does anyone remember who wrote "Cheaters" or something like that. the one with the glasses that let people read minds?
no, but they should make take that into consideration....well..at least for them to drive, **** i hate old drivers
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I read it a long time ago, was pretty good, I don't remember it's name, though.

Isn't there something about like the kid asking about the colour of the sky and grass and he's giving completely wrong answers, or somehthing similar?
umm...I don't recall anything about the kid...but I might just being forgetting it.
did it have anything to do with google?
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I've been searching google for about two hours now and getting nothing. I'm pretty sure I stated that I have been trying to figure it out myself.