hey guys

When you pick a 3 string scale D-U-D and then on the next string again D-U-D,and when your on the high 5 string and come back you do the same D-U-D-D.
I dont think thats neither alternate or economic picking does someone knows whats the name of this technique?
Is that a right way to pick or u should i practise alternate or real economic picking?
Are there any chances to shred with this kind of picking technique i noticed yesterday that i pick lick that.
It's called economy picking. Running through scales is one application of it, but there are many others. Economy picking still involves alternate picking, so you should definitely still practice that. Some people prefer strict alternate picking for the rhythmic and dynamic capabilities that it gives them; others prefer economy picking for the smooth feel it gives your lines, along with its ease once you have the motions down. To be great at both, and be able to switch between them instinctively is pretty much the pinnacle of picking technique. And there are chances to shred with either technique, but your ultimate goal should be to make good music, not just to shred because you can.
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thanx my main goal is not only to shred i just want be able to play some crazy fast licks to.I just dont want any technical limits .
If you're going from low E to high E string in a 3 note per string scale, economy
would be: D-U-D D-U-D ...., the other direction would be U-D-U U-D-U ...

There's a simple "improviser's rule" that guarantees EVERY time you cross a string
it can be economy picked with hardly a thought: odd number of notes picked per
string to continue in the same direction, even number to reverse directions. When
I economy pick I'm usually applying that rule, otherwise I alternate pick.
I was taught to practice one and concentrate on getting that right and only when you have that down solid start practicing - though not in the same session. Apparently practicing them both at the same time can send mixed messages to your muscle memory and brain-finger coordination as to what you are supposed to be learning and can hold you back on both fronts.
I don't know how true this is but thought I'd throw this out there.