I want to know if the case that comes with a Epiphone Elitist is strong enough to support like 6 hour of flight.
EDIT: I mean, with the guitar inside.
EDIT: Is it lockable?
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I wouldn't worry about the case...there's actually less pressure, so strength isn't an issue...theoretically...I've never flown with one. I would worry about the neck more tho...I believe you'll have to set it up again, but I really don't know.
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I doubt it could, because when you look at the people that load guitars onto planes, then they handle it how I handle my women. Badly.

So get a flight case, one thats certified.
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wow. didn't think of the handling of it...I would just find a GC near where ever you're going to satisfy your guitar craving...I wouldn't trust them with my Guitar....and it's a Squire :P
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
I once transported a Guitaron in a case we made ourselves out of sheets of plywood and stuffed it with beans... It made it fine.
Then my brother slammed it down to the floor and and a bit of the back came of... After making its way halfway round the world...

It might have made it through handling because of the fact that it was just inside weight and size limits, so even if somebody wanted to throw it up a ramp, they couldn't!
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