I need a dist. pedal, as the one I have atm is ****ing godawful.

Needed for my band, we're a fairly heavy metal/hardcore style band.

I'm thinking either:

Digitech Death Metal?

Digitech Grunge?

or a Boss or Electro Harmonix Metal Muff?

any other ideas would be appreciated, but I don't really want to spend more than £50.

I did search and nothing I looked at helped me at all.
Its an alright peavey, I'm borrowing it, but its currently at my practise room so I can't get the model, its only like 50watts.

and the guitar is an Ibanez RG 350 DX.
K well I'd say guitar doesn't matter here right now...Obviously not knowing the amp model it's hard for me to say but - and this feels like a stock response - you might need a new amp before thinking about a pedal. However if needs are needs 'n' all, I'd take the Metal Muff over the two Digitechs you've mentioned or any Boss pedal.

But seriously. New amp = better metal tone.

Edit : srsly
Metal muff out of those 3 without question, a boss MT-2 is also a possibilities. But A new amp would be better, but as you dont wana spend more than £50 on the pedal, why suggest amps?
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Buying a distortion or OD is like going from awful to awful, nothing gained.

Seriously, look into a new amp as people have been saying. There's plenty of good distoriton pedasl though, look at www.tunnelvisionmusic.com
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