I have been looking at these, something about them appeals, used prices vary like mad, and sadly I just missed a good chance on the clapton.
I wonder if any of the UG community have tried them and what they thought to them.

And if you know anywhere in the UK I can find some used one cheap
Had a look at your gear, you have a Spider I see. If you want a classic rock tone, I'd get a new amp. Tried those two pedals. Neither of them blew me away. Get a good amp instead, will get you closer to those tones you know!
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It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

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Just stick it on the UK70's setting, and dial in some good thick, warm EQ.

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"I'm discontinuing production on the Timmy now as well. It might come back into production at some point down the road, but probably not because people will just clone it anyway cause they're stupid jerk face doo doo heads. -Paul C."
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i heard good things when they came out

probably from musicians friend.

Dude why do you want to copy somebodies tone anyway? Look for your own tone. Get a new amp if you really want warmer sounds.