Ok, I get a pain every once in awhile in my wrists. Generally, it comes when playing heavy legato or all picking fast.

I have my fretting hand wrist straight and my picking hand is about as relaxed as it can be without going limp.

Would this be more of a muscle building pain?
you have muscles on your wrists?

and you probably ARE bending your wrist (which if moderated isn't bad. when playing standing you pretty much always will be bending your wrist, unless you play like tom morello :P)

but when it does start to hurt, just stop playing immediately, and rest until it feels normal again. don't ever play when it hurts.
The muscles for playing guitar aren't in your wrists; your wrists don't have any muscles in them. It's not a pain you should be dealing with, try going to a doctor to make sure it's not something serious and if it's not just stop playing whenever it starts.
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I'm not so sure if it is something serious though. It feels like a "Feel the burn" pain and goes away when I stop.

Also, it's not directly on my wrists. It IS around my muscles. Yes, I knew there are no muscles in your wrist.
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