arite so i just been playing around on my electric guitar, and while playing john mayers gravity, in the intro theres a bend on the 10th fret, (not sure if im explaining clear enough), but whenever i try to bend it, it doesnt bend to teh desired note, from A to B, could it be the strings? not sure whhat it might be...pls need help been bothering a bunch haha, and anyone recommend me good/great electric guitar strings only really started jammin on electric for a little while..thanks in advance
You have to bend until you match the tone almost perfectly. If you're finding it impossible, it's probably either too high of a bend or your guitar has intonation problems. Most likely cause is your technique, no offense.
i think I know what tab you're reading.. look .. that bend is on the 2rd string 10th fret... and it's a full bend.. which means you'll be bending the note a tone above the "unbended" note.. so You'll be going from A to B.

You are probably not making it right. Try to play at the 10th fret then at the 11th (that'll be a 1/2 bend).. and then with a bend.. try getting the same sound you'll get by playing at the 11th fret... now try that again but from the 10th fret to the 12th (the full bend you need). Just make sure you're getting to B not too low or too high above the note.

Plug into a tuner and bend till it reaches B.. and practice that a lot
no offense taken, i did try to bend to teh desired note but i feel like im pushing off the neck already, probably my technique, but how would i fix intonation problem
Hmm.. let me ask this then.. are you bending towards your face? Or apart from it? Cause if you bend the string downwards on the 2nd string it'll probably fall of the neck. Sorry if this was too noob and you're a "Pro" =P

If it's not that.. then I just can't imagine what would be wrong.. if the note dies as you bend it then maybe you're not holding it right with your fingers.
What else... I don't know.. maybe you have vintage neck with a 7.5" radius which makes bending a little bit tricky cause' It's got a "round" fingerboard.
Sorry if I wasn't of any help
no im bending up not down, and def not a pro haha, but not sure guess just gotta practice the bend more
Could be bend choking. Is the note almost completely buzzing out when you bend it?
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It took me a while to be able to bend full tones, so just stick at it. Eventually you'll be nice and calloused and bending 1.5 tones on an 11 gauge set.