I'm looking for an 80's Kramer super-Strat. Preferably an '87, or failing that, an '86. I'd consider others but those two years hold sentimental value for me and are what I'm really after most.

As far as the guitar itself goes, I'm looking for something with at least a HSS routing configuration and routed for a Floyd Rose bridge. HSH or HH is fine too (in fact HSH would be best), though SSS or just single humbucker guitars are no use. Other electronics don't matter too much either so long as there is at least two control pots (preferably three though, saves me drilling...). Rear-control access only please (no Strat-style pickguards). I'm not fussed about the pickups themselves, since I'll be changing those as well.

I'd prefer an alder, hard ash (not swamp ash) or basswood body. Mahogany would be okay too though I don't think these kinds of guitars are made with mahogany anyway. Maple might be okay if everything else about the guitar is dead-on.
Poplar is also great, if it's one of the American-made Kramers. I know the Japanese-made ones used lower grade Poplar that was... crappy.

I'm not fussed about finish, though something garish and suitably cheesy 80's would be best (e.g. bright pink, blue, yellow, etc).

I'd rather have a rosewood fretboard, though that's not a deal-breaker for me.

I don't mind if the headstock is regular or reversed.

22 frets is my preference, though I would consider 24 frets if everything else about it is spot-on.

I'd rather either an American or Japanese-made guitar. I don't really want to touch the other cheaper Asian-made Kramers because then I know I'm getting into the land of cheap plywood and so on.

I'm in the UK and would rather buy from a fellow Brit, though I'm happy to pay whatever for shipping and importing if an overseas guitar fits the bill perfectly.

As far as my price range goes, I'd rather not say yet, just know that I know what these kinds of guitars are worth, and I'm happy to pay a fair price, but I'm also aware when I'm being ripped off.

Specific models I'd really be very keen on are:
- Pacer Custom I
- Pacer Custom II
- Pacer Imperial
- Stagemaster Deluxe
- Stagemaster Custom
- Liberty
- '87 Richie Sambora model

I'm away for the next four days, but if any of y'all either have such a guitar for sale or know of someone who does (or somewhere - I have searched myself for stores selling such a guitar but found nothing myself so far...), please either leave a message on here or PM me, and I'll get right on it the second I get back. It'll be worth it, I really can't stress enough just how keen I am to get my hands on a good condition late 80's Kramer...

Thanks for any info or leads you have.
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