It looks sick
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i might ebay it once i finish sanding it out and level the frets. knowing me, it will sell for a retarded low price. my solid 1/4 saw pau ferro neck with an ebony fingerboard sold for 140 dollars =/

maybe one day i will put warmoth out of business...
as long as they still sell me fretwire.
oh... cool. i thought it was gonna be like a neck with blood droplets on it like dan jacob's sig esp.
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I'd hit that.
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I bought a warmoth body, give it here. I'd pay a retarded low price.
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you should put it on a body that's similar - some dark coloured wood with a maple top, That would look amazing I reckon.
Quote by jscustomguitars
The neck looks sweet and so does the f-board but IMHO I dont think they go well together.

It's definitely new, and I like it. The color contrast, that I haven't seen before, looks really nice.

That's definitely a sweet looking neck, now I want to go make one. Bloodwood is a little pricey though.

Ever think of making it with ebony fretboard and bloodwood neck? It would require no finish!