Ok so Im looking for a delay pedal so I can play some angels and airwaves stuff. I am looking for one that will give me the same kind of delay. Try to keep it under $200 and if it matters I already run a ds1.
I use a Tech 21 Boost DLA, I also like the MXR Carbon copy. A lot of people here like the Boss delays, but I haven't used any of them yet.
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I use Line-6 Echo Park. I really like it
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MXR Carbon Copy. the best delay. Line6 delay modulator is real good but it's expensive as hell. for just staight up delay, carbon copy is the best choice.
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By far, the Carbon Copy. It is amazing for a budget delay. The Boss Delays are a bit dry and digital, I'm looking to replace mine with an Empress Effects Superdelay.
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Echo park, or save up for a line six dl4

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throw in another 50 bucks and you got the T.C. Electronics Nova Delay. Great stuff man. check one out if you can. /end biased opinion
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