Oke, so I've finally got money together to buy a new tube amp. I already went to some stores and I've got it narrowed down to 2 amps: Marshall JVM (4 channel stack) and the ENGL screamer (combo).

I've got some questions:
Does the JVM really fall apart at high volumes? Some reviews says so, I didn't fall apart when I tried it but it wasn't cranked fully.

Can a ENGL screamer handle 80's metal? I've tried it out but kinda forgot to test it with max gain, stupid I know (was drooling over the deep purple sound ).

You guys are probably thinking right now, narrowed down between a loud stack and a little combo?! First, I kinda like the sound of both but the Marshall is a lot more expensive. Is the JVM really worth it's money? Or do you guys think a screamer can give you the same quality? I've tested both, and yes they sound great, but I want to hear some opinions and advice.

I just want an amp that is worth it's money, why a expensive Marshall if the ENGL can be as good? By the way, I can get the JVM head + Cab + a modification that eliminates the noise for about 2000 euros, which is cheaper compared to other stores

Thanks in advance!
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