Can Gotoh Floyd Roses do that cool flutter sound?

I'm putting together a strat which is routed for a flat mount, NON-recessed Floyd and I'm deciding whether to get an OFR or something else. I've heard that the quality of new OFRs has gone downhill and they are pretty pricey. Is it possible to flutter on a non-recessed Floyd anyway?

I don't think non-recessed can do flutter, since they need to spring up and down, if that makes any sense.
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I don't think non-recessed can do flutter, since they need to spring up and down, if that makes any sense.

Yeah, I recon you're right.

How about the Gotoh trem in general then, is it as good as the OFR these days? I don't mind spending money on either. I'd PREFER to spend less but I care more about the quality.

Here's a picture of the Gotoh.

Gotoh's are at a pretty standard level of quality, as long as they are double locking (If memory serves me correct Gotoh make a single locking floyd, which isn't too hot)

but, without a recess, you can't get flutter, also note that if you mount a floyd flat, you have to adjust the angle that the neck is bolted in. Can't remember how to calculate it, but if you don't the action/string angle is going to be alll wrong.
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Okay, thanks everyone.

And Striketalonx, I just found a website that helps you calculate that, turns out I will need to adjust the neck angel afterall if the Gotoh bridge is as high as some licenced one I've got lying around..

Here's a link, if you ever need it:

i have a gotoh, its flutter is great. just make sure it's the ge1996t one (i think that pic is it, don't worry), as it's the really good one. i think they might do some other not so good ones... not certain. i know wd sells some other ones too which aren't as dear.

if it's non-recessed, you can get some flutter if you set it up to float (i.e. above the level of the guitar's top, where you can get maybe a semitone of up-pull)... that would raise the action, though, you might have to do some other stuff to make it play nicely (neck shim etc.).
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