Well, this may not be so much guitar gear, but it is building stuff! I know a lot of you guys are good at stuff like this, so I want your help.

My electronics teacher asked me to find some projects for the other kids to do this is year (I guess I pwn @ elec!) so I was wondering if you guys had any cool grade 10 lvl projects to recommend?

Last year we started stuff like LED ciruits and really simple stuff. Then we built an FM reciever and other stuff.

Mostly we make thing with around 10 - 30 components, and simple diagrams and w/e. This year our first project is an Amplifier, and we don't have anything else planned.

This stuff doesn't have to be guitar related. Actually it probably shouldn't, cause no one has guitars in that class. So any sorta simple stuff you guys can think of would be great.

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I second the theramin idea.
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Radio Shack (back in the old days), used to sell loads of build-it-yourself kits.
Perhaps check Frys or some other electronics store and see what kind of kits they have?
How about a TV?

Theremin sounds awfully cool though.