Who else remembers the very first videos that UG put out to help everyone. I forget the dudes name but he was a white dorky guy who killed at guitar and playe a SG. But i totally stopped watching them since playing drums. \

But yeah discuss the dorky guy along with whoever might be better than him i geuss
You should have seen my old UG recording video, I didnt link it at the UG TV page due to file format and length however it was a cheap looking production wih me standing there in a corner of the room...headphones on, mic in hand...

These days I do much better productions and you can se them in my youtube page as well as in the R&R section. I do much better because I have learned so much in college classes.

...yea thats my random thought/post for the day...haha

as for the UG TV page, I really dont watch it much...
meeh khristopher dahl (or whoever you spell his name) is way better
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