but I don't know exactly what kind of exercise she can do.
i was thinking in cardio but what?
she is 57 right now and she can't run...not even able to jump...all she can do is fast walking...

so help me UG, please if u don't know much about this don't post.

lol and sorry for my english

ok it's the pit but here people comes asking about their gay problems and u help then lol
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Seriously, this is the pit. We are not familiar with the exercise habits of people's mothers.

Or are we?
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You'll get better advice in the "General Health and Nutrition" thread. Use the search bar to find it. She needs to diet and continue fast walking or doing another form of cardio every day to lose weight.

Well, At my school there is this fitness center thing we have to do twice a week. There are these incline machines that allow you to go at what ever pace you want and they have a gliding motion that is very easy on knees, ankles etc. If you want I could get the name of the company that makes them? I wouldn't be able to until tuesday though.
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