Hey guys, i have a new one here, I'd say it sounds more old As i Lay Dying, and the intro and interlude remind me of the first riff in master of puppets, oh well.

Among Us (2).zip

Yes, poop.
I found the intro riff/verse riff to be pretty boring, honestly.

Pre Chorus/Chorus/Bridge are great, though.

Solos were cool, too. The big sustaining bit afterwords was too long, though.
good song. i just think it sounds like mist generic metalcore though:/
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the pre-chorus and chorus is my favorite part.

keep up the good work.
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yeah, intro and verses seemed pretty generic although I'm not gonna lie, they sounded pretty awesome.
Pre Chorus sounds so fresh to me for some reason. great work
Chorus was pretty sweet also although I think you could vary the lead a bit more.
the "I don't really know" needs to go or be changed. the way it resolves just makes it sound like a straight up pop song. If you keep that in there, it would be like cutting off your manliless midsong outro seemed pretty pointless then after it, so I suggest you totally rework that end part.
solos were decently cool although I didn't see anything too mindblowing (not as far as technique goes mind you, I mean as far as soloing as a whole. pretty predictable IMO)
overall, it was a pretty good metalcore song. I enjoyed most of it. good work.

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Intro was very similar to Through Struggle, I'm sure you realize this though. I liked the verse even if it was a bit generic. The pre-chorus was probably one of the coolest riffs I've ever heard on this forum, nice job there. The chorus, was decent, the fact that it followed such a great riff took away from it, but it's still a cool chorus. The second pre-chorus was still really cool. Solo 1 was meh, Solo 2 was really good though. I think you should redo the ending, maybe add a new riff?

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

I know what you mean with the Master of Puppets thing, but don't worry, not a lot of people will notice it since it is not THAT much.
The song is epic, but didn't liked the solo (until it was harmonized).
That ''I don't know'' section looks like something really cool to do LIVE, but don't do it if you record it one day.
Fix minor details, insert some lyrics and you might be the Next Metallica

EDIT: the prechorus sounds better if you take out the let ring
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