What are some good songs to learn on the acoustic guitar? Songs like Neon by John Mayer. I want mellow acoustic songs, something that John Mayer or Jack Johnson would play, but I'm looking for a song around the difficulty level of Neon. Thanks!
my very first song was hotel california (eagles) and it sounds beautiful. also, blackbird (beatles) and tears in heaven (eric clapton)
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check out jason reeves.. pretty easy to play and they sound really nice.. my two favorite are:

photographs and memories
someone somewhere
Dust in the Wind is alright, pretty redundant but people generally like it. Since you like John Mayer (which is a blues style player) try out Eric Claptons acoustic version of Layla. Great intro and solo.
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Try differently the same by Donavon Frankenreiter

Stop This Train/ Heart of life by John Mayer if you havnt learnt them.

Mombasa by Tommy Emmanuel is a good'un.

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Ben Harper - Burn One Down in particular.

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Tears In Heaven
Behind Blue Eyes
Here Without You
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