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i've been playing for almost 2 years now

my dad who's been playing for 45 years says that i play a lot better than a lot of people soo... my music is at my myspace
5 years, but I only started taking it seriously and actually started developing technique like 2 years ago
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about 3 and a half years
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about 5 yrs... but i keep taking long breaks. my longest to date was my 2 yr break after high school. didn't touch my guitars at all...
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Going on 7 years come Christmas, gone through many stages, but right now, I can play pretty much anything I want, learning a lot of SRV, and really having a great time. Just nailed my tone with my Strat and my Boogie. Reallly happy.
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a year
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about 2 years now
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like 1 year an something I started at 2006 on november I had 16 , but i got real serius some months later
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X-mas 07. Didn't get serious till July though.....

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10 years
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About 8 years and a half.
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Started playing summer 2004 but nothing serious until fall 2005 when I started taking lessons. I'm not really that good. :/
Got my first electric guitar when I was about 12 years old.. But I started playing seriously when I was about 14.. So I would say 1-2 years!
Been playing since 2 September 2007.

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Been playing 12 years in december and it finally paying off, im going into the studio next week!
6/12/07 (D/M/Y) is when I got my guitar, but.. Was like.. Not until somewhere in February I got serious.. So.. Yeah.. *Counting* 7-8 months now? I'm progressing very well I hope. =P

since around 2001 - 2002 did really take much notice when i started i would pick it up like once a month then it moved to once a week now its everyday ive had guitars around me all my life but that was about when i started practising regularly
A year and 10 months.

Been taking it serious all the way through, some tell me im pretty good for the amount of time i've been playing I doubt it though.
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About 3 years. Still not good at it tho.
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