I'm in a death/thrash metal band and I'm an owner of Digitech Death Metal pedal. We had some live performances, and the thing I noticed about this pedal that it has too much of "EEE" (sorry, don't know the exact word in english :P), but anyhow, whenever the distortion is on and I'm not playing, even tho I muted the guitar with my both hands, the neck and the lower part, it still has EEE sound. Kind of disturbing since you get an EEE sound on every small pause you make. The intro for Master Of Puppets sounds like TAN! EEEEE TAN TAN TAAAN

Sry for putting it out that way, but I was wondering if it's broken somehow, or is it just what it is supposed to do? Oh yeah, I'm playing Ibanez S470, tried my friends Dan Donegan's "The Weapon" pedal, it works fine.

So, do you think it's worth getting another distortion pedal or is mine just, somehow broken?

Thank you
Its not an awesome pedal. You need a noise gate for high gain stuff anyways.
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You'd get the best tone possible with a nice tube combo, but pedalwise, the EHX Metal Muff is one of the best available
Personally, I despise distortion pedals
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It's feedback.

You are too close from your amp.

well, on stage, I can't be too far away either :/, not a big stage heh, but thx for info guys, much appriciated
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I'm an owner of Digitech Death Metal pedal.

That's the problem

In all seriousness it is not a very good pedal and I recommend you get a new one. Or, if you have a tube amp, try an od as a boost. There is generally a lot of feedback with high gain. If you play metal, a noise gate is a very good investment that will be useful for years to come
What settings do you use? because ive found that the death metal pedal works best with these settings: level 9 o'clock, Low 1 notch below full, mid 12 o'clock, high full/all the way up
oh yeah if you have the level higher than halfway it gonna buzz the way ur talking about
it's feed back, turn the gain and/or volume down or just don't use the pedal