its pearl black, everythings stock except i put light guage strings (9)

the bottom corner has a slight chip from the paint maybe ( ) that big...only noticeable
if you really look for it
theres no wear i keep it in perfect condition

the coffin case is also mint, inside and out... plush red interior and a very durable exterior

i know the title says selling but im def interested in trades... im looking for a fast ibanez with a tremelo but im open to amps and definately effects

moneywise im looking for about $225

my math is $140 for the guitar and $85 for the case
im only selling it with the coffin case (which wasn't cheap)
because it was the only one big enough for it but its too big for my other guitar or any guitar i would see me buying in the near future

ill get pictures of both up as soon as i can its mint except for the chip i mentioned

until i do im interested in hearing potential offers

oh and btw ill pay for shipping unless its overseas...in which case i would split the cost 50-50
pics improve your chance of selling things
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I finally have those pics up... if you have any questions or want full size pictures feel free to ask

the chip is hard to photo...its on the back corner of the bottom left wing
that guitar looks amazing, i would buy it in a heart beat if i had the money, unless you want to trade for some airsoft stuff, but you probably dont
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