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well everyone i was just thinking about sigs and i was bored so i looked and i coultdnt find a sig where anyone who wanted to, could explain what their signature means.... so without further ado i present to you the "Explain your sig thread!"

my first quote is from a thread talking about how to flirt the second is in there because the OP of the quote forgot to put a "t" ion the word "it" so i thought it was funny.

nao pit monkeys get the teh explaining

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Better yet. "My arm is tired, could I put it in between your legs so I can sexually violate you during the movie?"
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lets watch this thread die like i should have on page 1
- Denizenz quote taken arbitrarily from some thread. Pretty epic.

- Lyrics of Opeth's 'Under the Weeping Moon' changed by Poopsmith to reflect our love for chat.

- Links to my lyrics.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

Art & Lutherie
My sig has a long and fascinating story behind it, but I am not going to tell you what it is.
Quote from only the good die young. Not that hard.
I'll believe in anything and you'll believe in anything.
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My sig has a long and fascinating story behind it, but I am not going to tell you what it is.

Now, this is a man of great mystery.
mine is sarcastic towards all those retards who type in caps.
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The time I fell on my face on a trampoline and cracked my neck, then proceded to run around the yard in a blind panic screaming "I hope I'm not paralyzed! OH GOD I THINK I'M PARALYZED!"

mines lyrics to the intro to eggs and sausage by tom waits. (album is nighthawks at the diner just in case you want to take a listen)
Send me off to bed forevermore.
well, it shows my love for Circa Survive.
there's a link to my UG profile in a heart smiley.
and then a link to my currently active song in Tabs & Chords.

fun huh?
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
games are fun
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I'm not in a wheelchair, but I own one just for fun.
the first one made me laugh.
the second one is a response to a guy who told "use the searchbar idiot"
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Ewww the searchbar is a slut, it gets used everyday...

Quote by tremeloud

The brain says "hey, lets be friends" and the dick says "hey, lets get those clothes off, eh?"

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Yeaaaaaah, Huuuuuhuuuu, Saaaaaaah and MASTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR are all Hetfield memes.
i don't remember what mine says


Oh right well mine is some lyrics from shipoopi that i find amusing and another is a quote from the black metal prank call.
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It's a very old formula that has been used for centuries and is important to know
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i tune to drop-Z and string my guitar with barbed wire.

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we r all rlaeted bcuz teh bibel sez so we r al innbreads lolo

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I asked whether an some sort of vintage hi-fi amp would be any good for my guitar. People starting replying in the thread. Then the guy beneath me said that. THe entire thread, for a good 9 pages, was peopple spamming what that guy said. I spawned a shortlived meme. My profile and private messages were full of what my sig says. Wasn't funny at the time, as I seriously wanted to know If I could use that amp. But now I look back and laugh/
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I've never been caught (beating off), but my dad was picking up my gf once and "accidentaly" grabbed her boobs.
first is something I made because nobody looks at the bass forum FAQ. ever.

next is a quote I like.

next is the revolution that is sweeping UG, that all should join.
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I wouldn't call what we have here on the Bass Forum a mentality. It's more like the sharing part of an AA meeting.

Quote by Jason Jillard

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I figured my sig was funny and relevant to today's upcoming US election, but no one laughed at it. I thought that with this sig, I could go out and convince some more UGers to support Obama.
Link to a group and a quote that made me laugh
Brian Eno fans unite!

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I recently had a dream that my dad died and my mum spent the life insurance payout on a new Indian dad, who told me to convert to Judaism, even though people usually change religion in September.
My name and my gear. If you couldn't figure that out, you don't deserve to be on these forums.
Call me Jack.
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First quote is legendary, The Madcap actually laughed at my "Because 7, 8, 9" joke.

Second quote is from the Thanksgiving thread last year.

3rd one is ****ing legendary, its from the thread of the kid "wanting to start a Satanic metal band" some of you might remember that.
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Equivalent to my sex life.

Same here.

Quote by denizenz
I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

Art & Lutherie
Quote by darkstar2466
Same here.

"Riding the fires of
The northern chat
I've chatted the eye
I chat under the chatting moon"

...That's an abnormal sex life, I must say.
1) a link you should click if you disagree with my post

2) an attempt to raise awareness for a worthy cause (bagels)

3) a quote taken hilariously out of context

I think its in that order
I think we took too many drugs when we were kids,
'cause now we like to make
Weird Music
-Wayne Coyne
my signature is just some colored dots.
if it needs explaining you're retarded

Quote by innertom
So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
Someone called me cuddly wuddly one day...

And the other bit I think is pretty self explanatory.
UG's Official Stuffed Toy! Because I am so cuddly wuddly

Animal House reference, two quotes and the opening lines to The Beatles - A Day In The Life.

Quote by hazzmatazz

Quote by sebastian_96
Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


My love for you
Is like a truck
well, first off it says, "I don't play basketball anymore." That's because my username might make people think I am quite the baller. Well, I'm not.

Then my gear. That's pretty self explanatory.

Then that quote which basically shows how awesome I am in every single way.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

I don't always post on UG, but when I do, I post in the Pit. Stay thirsty my friends.
Mine has to do with the power between your tongue and a womans butthole.
by LazyLatinoRocke
At least you didn't walked in on your cousin and girlfriend going anal.
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Hendrix was the man.
Quote by Tyler Durden
It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

I'm putting the link to the MOD contest group.
Quote from JoJ from my June Bugs thread. I'm not even sure why it's there. To cool maybe.
Advertising #pot.
The Bear.
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God, you've gotta be UG's only moron!

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that's right,you certainly are UG's only moron.

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Read the moron's posts, ironically enough he knows what he says.
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