My friend has had this guitar, and he decided to give it to me. It is called a Phantom, it's a "super-strat". Can someone tell me about this? Also, how do you tune it, it looks like a Floyd Rose tremolo, but when I turn the knobs, nothing happens, I have to use the little dial-things on the bridge, but a few strings can't go any higher, or lower, how do I do this?

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Unlock the nut using an allen wrench.
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you dont need ug you need jesus. first a "super strat" is just a generic name for any guitar that looks roughly like a strat and has a similar layout. ibanez rg's or jackson dnky's or aria's or a million others. second look at the bridge and nut if it has allen bolts all over it its a double locker. when the nut is locked you could cut the strings off the tuner post and it wouldnt matter so turning the tuners will just break your strings. they are locked down. if the guitar wasnt strung properly with the fine tuners set to the middle of their range after the inital break in and lock down than you might not be able to adjust it enough in one direction to tune it properly. that means you have to unlock the nut put the (preferably new) strings in tune and lock it back down. im guessing that youre new at this no offense so you might want to find somebody to do it for you or better yet show you how to do it.