Long story short, I borrowed this amp(Traynor YCV50) from a friend, I have it running through a DeathMetal pedal using a LTD AX-400...and wow does it sound like crap.

Current config:
Treble: 9
Mid: 4
Bass: 7
Gain: 5

I'm using the bridge pickup...is this amp not ment for metal? or do I just have it configured wrong...
I know it's a crappy pedal, I'm not looking for that good of a sound...just something that doesn't make me go wtf...my DG30D sounds better...
turn your treble down! with a pedal and guitar like that i dont doubt that the treble is already through the roof.
crappy crappy pedal. and yes treble down son!! try to knock the mid a little up, not much, maybe 5-6ish.

o yea, crappy pedal!
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