So i need some help again choosing, i'm thinking of buying my 2nd guitar around the end of the month..

My first guitar (my friend lent it to me 'til i get a new one) is a fender stratocaster, with messed up wiring, but play fairly good.

I'll make it simple
budget: $200-$300
Music style: Rock and Alternative Rock (mostly), Also plays metal, and a bit of jazz and blues sound

1. Epi SG-400 I've tried it, but from the review i see it's lack of tuners, average sound, a bit heavy on headstock
2. Gregbennet AV6-LTD, I've tried it, sounds much better from SG, Good looking, fairly good but i haven't read all the review about it since it's the "underdog" guitar
3. The store also sells Schechter Products, I'm thinking of Omen 6, haven't tried it, but from the reviews it sounds good
4. Any other ideas? The store mostly sells Cort, Epiphone, Hagstorm, and Ibanez..

And if i could get the guitar this month, next month i'll plan on an amp, around around $100 - $200.. would need reccomendation too
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I've heard very good things about the Hagstrom Swedes, I'd try one of those out. I think they're out of your price range.

I suggest you negotiate with your friend to keep his Strat for a little while longer and save up so you can buy something worthwhile instead of something you'll outgrow in a year.
i've played in a band for some time, as a vocal, keyboards, and now i just started to concentrate on guitar, so i'm still an amateur, so getting a high end guitar would be.. I'll consider this buy as my first guitar..