Crate CA6110DG Gunnison Acoustic Guitar Amplifier.

Made in USA, I think it comes with free footswitch, good reviews. Seems like a good price.

Your input? Good, bad, suggest another one?

Thanks guys =D
Are you gigging (if so, without a P.A)? In my opinion, it's only necessary to get an acoustic amplifier if you are. Acoustics are meant to be... acoustic.
Before buying an acoustic amp check out something like this and it's close to your price range


I've got the 620 and although I can't compare it to the crate you posted. The 620 is superior to the fender acoustasonic 30 a friend of mine has and can do so much more you won't know how to act. If your guitar has an XLR plug you can use it. Plus you can plug all your gear into it and probably some items you haven't purchased yet. The 7 band graphic EQ is the biggy. You'll get some tones out of your acoustic you probably haven't heard yet and it's good enough at low volumes not to disturb anyone. Really nice for the price.
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Hey man, if you have a good PA for your band, what sounds MUCH better, and helps out in general is just micing your acoustic. ribbon mics and other small condensors can be basically strapped onto your guitar and let you move around and stuff, while producing a pretty accurate, nice sounding acoustic.
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