I am fed up of getting my set up done ( not to my standard) and waiting weeks and paying through the nose and getting little nicks on my guitars when they come back..very annoying.

All I need is a tutorial on how to do a full set up on (Action & inntonation) a Les paul ..I have replaced the tailpiece, saddles + studs ect..just a blank guitar ( pickups are fine) I have new ones sitting in my sweaty hands..I have been all over the net and can only find quick fixes or just intonation. I really need a step by step for both (not books) I dont mind buying a DVD or Video to keep in my collection ..Any Idea?

YOUTUBE have a few but not really a full on step by step just small videos on basic things. What I want is a full on walk through in the process so the guy can explain things more in depth and why it needs to be done that way or ways, is there any thing like that out there? If not how about some body doing one and I will be first in line to buy it.