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good solid thrash songs with fantastic riffs. great recording quality. you should go far.

crit for crit \/
Ever wonder what rock would have sounded like in 2010 if grunge hadn't made it cool to be stupid?

The Three Aces
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Bleeding Through: Pretty james hetfield, actually the whole track sounds pretty metallica in general as pointed out earlier.

Mutual Destruction: I like the rhythmic variations on the drums (plus the speed up at the end), but you could mix up the guitar riffs a bit. I mean the original riff is cool, but throw a few other ideas into the mix there. So basically: lots of potential here.

Take What's Yours: Personally, i like the vocals. Need to improve the recording quality though. Guitar solo doesn't quite fit in there imo. Some parts fit in and overall it's technically impressive but there are some places where it feels a bit forced.

Overall, killer songs, killer riffs, vocals are pretty solid, but work on your implementation and recording i guess. Keep fighting the good fight \m/
some pretty sweet stuff, i would love to own a cd full of your songs, your influences really shine threw , but still stay original , i love it . your band owns