i want to see how many ppl either use tremolos for metal or fixed bridges for metal. so say what you use and post pics of your guitar too
I have two Hellraisers. One with a fixed bridge and one with a tremolo. So both I guess.
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i use floyd rose
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I CBF posting pics, but i use a tremolo

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i prefer fixed bridges.
a'la les pauls. i have an epiphone lp that i absolutely adore.
recently replaced my custom pickup with the original epiphone, and love the dirty rock sound i get from it through my amps settings.
i HAVE used a tremolo, but didnt really like the floating bridge thing, as i go between tunings fairly regularly.
No Trem.. . . I have to do arch enemy, children of bodom trem wankage when I have one. . .. so as not to be cliche, I got rid of my guitars that have them. . . but for some reason, I really want the PRS that the lead guitarist of black dahlia murder has .. . . and I got to ask him about it and play it a little. . . a green PRS recent year model, with a 3 way selector switch and a floyd rose tremolo on it. He had the PRS custom shop tweak it for him. . . so yeah, a sexy guitar.
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Doesn't matter. I use a Floyd Rose but there are times when I really feel I'd prefer a fixed bridge for more stability. Locking tremolos are really cool but bending one note even slightly changes the pitch of others because the tensions of every string depends on the other five strings. Fixed bridges are easier to get a pristine sound on. It depends on your taste. When in the earlier stages of guitar playing I can honestly say that it doesn't really matter.
Fixed bridge. Because as much as a floyd rose (or any kind of whammy bar) can be, it should never be "necessary" to play metal.
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Fixed bridge
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Both....I like to have the option of either one.
They both have advantages & drawbacks. I like the stability of the fixed bridge for rhythms & stuff....and the added options for expression of a whammy for solos.
Live....I'd probably opt for the whammy, with a fixed bridge one as the 2nd guitar, since it's nice to have a reliable backup at all times.

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have a guitar with a floyd rose , never use it

try some dive bomb squeals they aere fun as hell
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Boss: Pw- 10 v-wah
Boss: Ac-2
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Schecter: Omen-4 Diamond Series Bass (Walnut Satin)
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I have fixed bridge, double locking and vintage trems and when playing the fixed i reach for a bar that aint there! I just need a trem...
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Trem for me plz...
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trem. All my guitars have trems on them actually. I just feel weird without it.
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I have a Les Paul (with a fixed bridge obviously) and an Ibanez s470. I use the Les Paul 75% of the time, and the s470 25% of the time. I play mostly metal. So I guess I use the one with a fixed bridge more.
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That's fixed.

My favourite guitar does actually have a floating trem but I don't have the arm or the locking nut on the guitar any more because I never used it.
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even if i'm playing a guitar with a floyd rose I usually don't use it
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Trem for me plz...

I'd say the same. But I can't afford a good trem.
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Fixed bridge all the way for me.

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ZR trem for me. 100% stable - strings never go out of tune, or change pitch when I bend, etc. It performs exactly as though it is fixed bridge.
I get the best of both worlds!
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I use an Ibanez with a trem for metal, but only cos I can't be bothered to spend money on a new one without a trem, as I've now decided I don't like them much. Great guitar other than that though.
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one of each, i can use the whammy bar on my jackson and tune to whatever i want with my epiphone
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i also have a schecter tempest custom that i dont have pics of. so. both i guess
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Trems all the way....

the Warlock in my sig is sold, although i`m using a BC Rich Warlock NJ with a floyd BUT.....

i have a BC Rich Kerry King V on order with the Kahler hybrid trem. CAN`T WAIT
trem, normal ones, but i rarely or almost never use it while actually playing any songs

i play mostly power and melodic metal, things like gamma ray, freedom call, nightwish etc..
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