Hey, I’ve been playing guitar for about two years. The past six months I’ve been playing very actively. I used to play for two hours a day or so, now I practice about six hours a day. More or less any chance I get.

I started out playing a Behringer that I got as a gift, then after hating the feeling of the neck, I made a very, very minor upgrade to an Ibanez Gio I bought at a pawn shop. I’ve been playing that for about a year and a half now and am getting fed up. I’m out to buy a guitar that will last me a few years that will suit me for that time. Obviously something fairly well rounded, but I have found a few styles I like.

I have been experimenting with a lot of blues, rock, and classical music. I love the technique that goes into all of them, and as far as I know it covers quite a bit for one person. I play with a .6 tortex pick usually, and 11 gauge strings. I can comfortably play 8th notes, alternate picking, string skipping, with occasional pull-off and hammer-on 16th notes at a 120 tempo, which is more or less the most complicated maneuver I can pull off.

I’ve learned a lot from Paul Gilbert Dvds, and occasional Joe Satriani lessons. Just the basic techniques like string skipping, and some of the modes. I know Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian and Phrygian Dominant. I also know the basic blues and minor pentatonic scales.

I don’t know how much of this information is relevant, I just really would like to make a good decision, thanks for reading all that. Now to let you know what I have been looking at. Mostly I’ve played with a knock-off SG with a built in Overdrive (Bumstead if you wanna know the name), it’s pretty cool, but then I went to a different music store and played a Tele thinline knock-off (don’t remember the brand) and I loved the sound and feel. I also played around with a Ibanez hollow body and liked that.

2 final questions, sorry this is so long-winded. Obviously, you’ll get a better conditioned guitar at a music store, but I’ve hopped into some pawn shops that specialize in selling guitars, and they seemed fairly nice, (the Ibanez HB was at a pawn shop, and they had a guitar repair guy fix all the guitars up, and the guitar was still half price! But I was tight on money then.) What would be a better place to buy? (My price range is about $300-$700).

Finally, I know amps are important. I’ve been playing on a crappy Behringer amp since I started. I played that Tele thinline on a tiny Marshall amp and LOVED the sound. I’ve played around with Fender, Peavey, and Ibanez amps and have never heard anything like it. I only want a cheap amp, but with pure tone and sound, what would be the best choice?

Thanks so much for everything! Obviously you’re fairly bored if you’re readin’ all this, so I’m glad I gave you something to do. Thanks again!
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I find amps more important than the guitar so just get an MIM Strat, I prefer HSS because it has more versatility. If you can save up extra for an amp then do so and get something from the Vox Valvetronix series or the Roland Cube series, they also have good versatility.
get a roland cube 20-x amp which is really good and its cheap for all the features it has as for a guitar get a hss or hsh strat or ibanez then mod it for coil cut
I played around with a Roland Microcube... I think it was called. I'm not big on too many effects, The only thing I like to play with is delay. I just want a good practice amp with pure tone.
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My freind has a roland microcube, but I found it too trebley. I'd say get an orange crush 30r. It has reverb built in, and quite a good overdrive. It's got a great sound, and not too much (£120, so thats like, $240?)
I'm a bigger fan of Vox Valvetronix amps, I like the tone but Rolands are pretty good too. Either one will suit you well.
Well thanks for the help so far, here's a more defined question... What kind of wood for the neck, fretboard, and body best suit my rock/classical/blues style?
Reviving the Lufia Fan in us all
I never really payed attention to what kind of wood for a neck suits what genre. A Strat will definitely suit your style and those have a maple neck, rosewood fretboard and alder body.