This is a brand new song from my band I hope you like it

(Verse1) Walking around, looking up at the sky.

People screaming, deciet in your leaders eyes.

Buildings crumbling, I can hear them crying.

(Pre-Chorus) Watching them die. The crowd is seizing the perfect time to go up to the sky.

(Verse2) Hiding underground, hearing their crys from deep down below. The vision doesn't die, seeing their tears touch the ground.

(Pre-Chorus Repeats)

(Chorus) Building an Empire, a thousand lives we took. Building an Empire, too many hearts we broke.

(Bridge) The gods are firing down. Bolts of lightning, flooding, exile. They've gotten what they wanted. Now here we go!

(Harmonized Guitar Solo)

(Shredding Solo With Pre-Chorus)

(Chorus 2x)