Ok, I know one of the problems with this is that I'm using a keyboard amp instead of a guitar amp. It belongs to the school, and I can't really change that.

I play in the school jazz band, and I'm kind of the only one that knows anything about amps/guitars, so the teacher doesn't really know anything about how to fix it. I've been noticing that when I try to turn up the volume both on the amp and on the guitar, and then try to play it, it makes a crackling sound. I've tried using the neck pickup instead of the bridge, and on different volume settings, but it doesn't seem to help. It only happens on chords. You can still hear the single notes like on a solo, but it's not as loud as it should be. I mean you can hear the chord, but it comes out a really bad distorted sound. It sounds like the speaker is vibrating in there, but I'm not sure. It's not as bad when I turn down the "high" setting and turn up the "low mid" setting, but I don't want to sacrifice the sound. Is there a solution to this?
Does it happen with your amp at home?

I'm guessing it's just the speaker on the amp, because remember, it's a school and people kick things.

It happens at ours.

But yeah, I'm guessing the speaker's been damaged somehow.
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Definately sounds like a speaker problem to me....

If it was your amp, i'd tell you to take it apart, and check the speaker cone isn't ripped and that the cone moves freely without obstructions...

Remember that if it's the schools, it's probably been abused by complete prats for years, plugging in their bass guitar, turning up the bass control and hammering away.

I'd just ask your school to get it fixed/get a new one, or take your amp in if possible
does the amp have a headphone out?

if so, plug in, if the headphones sound fine then you can do wt a speaker swap.

not hard or expensive in most cases.

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