I am buying new speakers for my Avatar B210 Neo cab.

It currently has Eminence Deltalite 10's in it.

Each rated at 250RMS.

Is there anything that I could just straight out replace them with in my cabinet? I'd like suggestions on some good sounding BASS speakers that you guys would recommend.

4ohm please

Thanks guys!

Also, If I was to buy another 4 ohm cab, to keep my overall ohmage at 4 ohms, would I daisy chain it to the current cab I have now? OR would I plug it into the SECOND cab input on the back of my ampeg? the amp is 350W at 4 ohms. I'd like to keep that 350W at 4ohms, just find a way to add another 4 ohm cab. so yea...plug the second cab into the second input on the back of the first cab, or second input on the back of the amp?

Thanks kids
^I know zero about bass amp speakers - I'm assuming your running a bass guitar thru based on your avatar.

you can try asking in the Ultimate Speaker Thread:

Also, as far as running two cabs together I think you were asking 'Line Out' in back Vs. Input jack on front? I've run two guitar combo amps together buy plugging Second Input Jack on amp 1 to Input Jack on amp 2.

Do you want the second cab to expand your sound or cut volume or what? Also, what is the current wattage and impeadence 'ohm' rating of your current amp? We need to know that too. Good luck.