i have a mustang reissue and the stock pickups are holding this guitar from being all it can be ... atless the bridge pickups is, it gives me a sad, depress noise that supposed to be tone.

anyways i was looking around and found the Lace Sensor pickups with looks of bright color to choose from but to me all their descriptions sound the same

any recommendations? I play lots of ac/dc, white stripes, weezer, the pillows, kinda stuff but Im open to anything that sounds fun from blues to hard rock. I have a "SD - lil 59" on my telecaster so im looking for something that sound somewhat different from that for my mustang + the hum and noise coming out of it its way too loud.

help plz. and again sorry if its on the wrong thead and sorry for it being "another" pick up question

Guitar : Fender CIJ Mustang and a Telecaster
Amp : 76 fender champ
Pedals : BBE green screamer, Big muff, Ibanez LU20 Pedal Tuner, boss loop pedal
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