Hi, ive decided to get some new pickups because everytime i add distortion it makes my guitar sound all muddy and you cant hear the chords properly. So im looking for some decent pickups for playing metal, i want humbuckers but apart frm that any ideas? btw, not too expensive. i currently i hv an epi SG (G 310 or 400, cant remember) and a Peavey Rage 158 amp. thnx
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Remember, your tone is only as good as the amp you play through. While I'm not familiar with your particular amp, you might want to keep that in mind.

As for pickups, your standard EMG 85-81 set are pretty much gold standard for metal if you want to go for active pickups.
I personally play a lot of metal, and use a duncan jazz in the neck and an emg-hz passive in the bridge. It works pretty well for me. I recommend the duncan jazz and jb combo too, but I wanted something a little more ferocious in the bridge position.

I would also recommend any PAF pickups, dimarzio makes a bunch of good ones.
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I'd agree that a new amp will have far more impact than new pups. For the kind of sound you appear to be looking for I can't do better than suggest a Roland Cube amp. They are very reasonably priced and are absolutely ideal for Metal music; more so than the Vox. The Valvetronix series, even in XL format, doesn't do the high gain stuff as well as the Roland and the Cube certainly has a more modern Metal tone to it. Honestly, get this.

If you really do want new pups, the Seymour Duncan Jazz pup is a popular choice for the neck position with Metal players, as is the JB or Super Distortion. A better choice, though admittedly more expensive, would be Bare Knuckle pickups. They're certainly not the cheapest but they are the best. For the neck position I'd go with a 'Cold Sweat' pickup. It gives a fantastic creamy tone that is ideal for shredding and is a massively popular choice with Bare Knuckle users. For the bridge position I'd go with the 'Miracle Man' This gives a very articulate high gain distortion and is named 'Miracle Man' for a reason. Although a passive pickup it is surprisingly similar to the EMG active pickups that have been mentioned but is a hell of a lot easier to install. For Metal music this is THE combination to have, especially on a mahogany bodied guitar. I'd still invest in a Roland Cube amp first and then save for these pups.
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sorry to say but new pups wont do much, and if you have an epiphone g-310 dont even bother then also...Your best bet is to save up
some kind of EMG actives..... maybe 81 in the bridge and 60 in the neck..... and then instead of 9volts give them 18volts, 'cause it makes them so tight and crisp in the sound!

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A Valvetronix would work great for metal, but it depends on what type of metal you want to play. If you're looking to get Cannibal Corpse-like tone, you won't get it with a Valvetronix. If you're looking to play Megadeth-like stuff, you'll get the tone almost perfectly.
This might sound silly but the pick up in my guitar is only a mid powered pick up..a seymour duncan SH4 and my metal sound kicks arse.....

Actually i make guitars and i tested for a long time on the ultimate metal guitar and i think i found it.

my site is:

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As far as brands ive tested them all and seymour duncan are the only pick ill use.

Avoid valvetronix's, they get a good rep here and I'll never understand why. They are either too trebley or too muddy half the time and there's no dynamics.