hi all

been playing guitar for about a year and a half now, mainly out of fun i practise about 3-4 hours each day, i don't consider myself talented at all as it takes ages for me to learn a new song, and even then i'm liable to forget/slack of on some parts...

i was wondering if i should practise one piece continuosly until i get it (i've been doing this recently with Johnny B Goode.) The downside to this method is that if i'm practising it wrong i REALLY develop a habit of playing it wrong, and this isn't corrected until i see my teacher the next fortnight.

just wanted to hear some effective practise routines from some experienced players....? thanks
i am not that experienced but well I have made a practice schedule...
its on my blog...
on my sig..

edit: i am not that experienced but well I have made a practice schedule, for myself..
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A practice routine that is effective for me may not be for you. So you must create a routine that encorporates theory and practical practice.

For theory I'll reccommend knowing the notes on the fretboard, study scales and chord construction and pay attention to intervals and how the notes sound.

Then on practical, jam with the scale (and its chords) you studied in that day. And then I dunno, learn licks, get them into your playing. Learn some songs (by ear) and analyze the scales used in that song, the chords, everything, so you learn how it was made.

You can also practice technique in order to play a certain song that you want until you get it 100% down. Create your own exercises. And finally, do some scale/chord/interval ear training here: http://www.musictheory.net/

And there's your routine. Now you can shape it the way you want to.
an hour of chromatic tempo training like 1234 all the way up and down the neck increasing the tempo until its uncomfortable then stop is a great way to build strength and tone in the fingers
then try 134 fingers all the way up and down and 124 meaning the fingers you use
works for me dude