Seems sweet. I want one now :s
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never played one personally, but theyre widely considered to be extremely good value for money. Not necessarily "good" on comparison with high-end models, but much better than anything else in the price range
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Over all there suppose to be really good value for money, I know a lot of people especially love the 7 and 8 strings.

but I wouldnt particulaly like a LFR from them

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Seems sweet. I want one now :s

haha yea thats kind of how i was just now i was looking through the website and i saw it and i was like...i want one.

i was just makings sure cause people say their les pauls copies are pretty good copies for the price so i was wondering on the overall quality and im sure they wont compare to higher end guitars obviously but if its good value for the buck im all for it.
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they make a budget 8 string now, I think i'm gonna have to jump on it (but there's a 4 month wait time )
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