I've always loved the bass lines in certain songs, so I finally took the leap and started learning bass, lessons and all. Now that I'm studying bass, listening to the radio is a whole new experience. Now the bass line jumps out at me no matter the song. I heard Philadelphia Freedom the other day, and I've always hated that song. I'm not an EJ hater, I like most of his stuff, especially when Dee Murray was with him. So as soon as I recognize the beginning I'm reaching to change the station when the bass line kicks in, man what a great bassline this song has. So I sat and marveled, how cool, maybe I don't hate this song soo much now.
Which got me wondering, are there any songs that you hate which are partially redeemed by the bass lines?
not really. for me the music has to kind of blend. the bass line and the treble. they both have to turn me on ;]
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