hi guyz. i need help!! i want to use my amplitube 2 as effects processor but i can't use it!! i don't want to record with it. i just want to use it instead of a guitar effects processor. cause i don't have one (. i used guitar FX box . but i don't like it very much. but every time i try to use the amplitube it gives a terrible screeching sound. ( plz help me friends.
how are you connecting to the PC? Can i assume you are running your guitar strait in?

unless you have a kick ass PC with a 3rd party sound card i doubt it will sound good. There is too much latency using a standard guitar cable into a mic or line in on a PC. There may be a software download that help this tho (i saw it last night here in GGnA but don't remember the name of it. Standard sound cards can't handle it either. There are sound cards that you can buy and install in the PC. There are external versions that connect to Laptop for example using PCMCIA or even USB. There are other table top boxes that let you connect things in a multitude of ways so maybe check out M-Audio stuff as a reference point. There are also StealthPlugs and Lightsnake cables that have built in soundcards and convert your guitar signal into 24 bits and 44hz for latency factor so you don't need an external box.

otherwise - check in Riffs and Recording forum 'cause I am not an expert and prolly didn't provide all the necessary configurations as an answer.
good luck