Days have passed since The Pit first started making elimination threads. These involved a list of differing styles or types of guitar based issues.

However, in recent times despair has become rife in the world of UG. These elimiation threads rely on the participation of it's loyal fans but also the brains of the threadstarters. Due the the nature of the word "elimination" these lists have to be wittled down to one singular winner.

However, this is where it gets nasty. Recently a growing number of elimination threads have begun and continued to be used with the following rules. Each round only one participant has be HEALED and only one has been HURT. This is catastrophic. Unless a compete whitewash occurs, these rules make way for a never-ending number of rounds with participants being HEALED and HURT in equal measure. This means that the thread will go one forever without ever reaching a conclusion.

My plea is this - every "Elimination" thread must have 2 HURT and 1 HEAL in each round in order for the thread to reach a conclusion.

As a fan on elimination threads myself I ask all UG'ers to heed thy call.
The thread starters do this so they have huge threads.

Either that or the original person who decided the idea, was too dumb to work out the balance.
i second this motion.

too many times have i opened an elimination thread to find the last 3 options all on ~100 each.

we want closure!

edit: a change could be not hurting 2 options, but taking 2 points off the one you hurt? or was that the idea in TS's post? didn't quite get it...
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