This is my first fretless Bass, a 1990 Ibanez RD707F MIJ and fresh off the plane from Japan. I need a real camera but for now, here are the non-blurry iPhone pics:

Like most everything new to me, I've been playing her since 3:00 am. It needs new strings and done properly. The previous owner's awful string wraps has kept it in tune for some reason. o_0 Later today, I'll thoroughly clean it and determine if I should re-finish the dings and dents.

Fretless feels like a whole new world and I'm getting to like it. For such an inexpensive Bass, the PJ PUs can certainly growl.

I'm also digging the knobs which look like beehives The pointy headstock is a very nice complement to my RG guitars. Anybody else own or play this model?

i sunno is it a mixture of the blurry camera and my crappy computer, but the bridge looks really rusty, i would go about changing that..

I have always wanted to get a fretless, they have always scared me though, I get the impression that i need to be a bass master to be allowed to play/buy one.

Congratulations though, shes a pretty nice looking bass!
Looks great
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yeha,that bridge looks pretty rustified, good lookin bass though, nice find, hope it plays well
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The bridge isn't rusted, it just needs to be cleaned ... dust/grime. I'm thinking Goo Be Gone or soaking it in WD40 would clean it up.

I'll dis-assemble and clean after a couple of days. For a relatively new bassist, it plays well enough for me. I'm glad it doesn't have the ultra-low action typical of Ibanez guitars.