Ok so im gettin a fender blues junior(not sure if its a hot rod or not) very soon, and the most distortion that i would be able to get out of it is a light crunch, so i'm planning on using my boss dyna drive for OD, and my digitech metal master for Metal.
There isnt really anything wrong with this is ithere?
Nope, but running either of those pedals through the Blues Jnr is sacriledge.
As you already have the pedals, have a play, but don't expect it to sound great.
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if you play alot of metal then the blues jr prob isnt the amp for you.

i own one and its a great little amp for the price and you can get some great tones (i use a strat and sg) from it but i mainly play blues and classic rock, i do use a drive pedal with it for some blues and also a treble booster sometimes but most of time just plug straight in and crank it up and it sounds great
welll i just got into metal(only metallica), and can play master, damage inc, and justice for all, and so on, but im not really going to be playing metal with my band. We're mostly going to be playing guns n roses, van halen, that type of stuff. bu we will do one or two metallica songs.
Its not really voiced for the type of music you're playing to be honest.

You're looking for a Marshall tone out of a Fender amp. It doesn't really work that well.
you could prob get away with it,
i would give it a try and see what happens but all my drive pedals are either fuzz or o.d dont really have any thing high gain enough.
the problem is with stuff like metal the blues jr might tend to mush the notes up too much instead of having that crisp high gain distortion if that makes any sense.

i would take your pedals and guitar to the shop and check it out first cos you'l prob find a better suited amp in the same price range
if you think it sounds awsome then go for it.
there no right or wrong, whatever works it just wouldnt be a conventional set up for playing metal through but there nothing wrong with it