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What's the spoon position?

Well, you begin with a big wooden spoon and a jar of vaseline...
I really like your song I think its nothing special but well done^^

The intro is very easy and nice, i really like the snares.

The Interlude is in my opinion to close to the intro, you may should try to change the lead guitar, maybe some higher notes instead of just following the chords. The drums are nice too and fit in well, but i think some kind of fill in would be good to lead into the next part.

The piano part is okay, but i think you should use an Amoll instead of an A, i think it sounds better and not so... mhm dont know hot to call it^^...

Same thing in the Outro, an Am would fit in better IMO... And its to short, i think, but at all its very nice done, and so i'd give it a 8/10.