sup UG community I just finally got my gsa guitar but just some questions I have been playing for a couple of years but i never did learn alot other than a few songs.... action is the distance between your strings and your fret board right? and also can you use guitar polish on pickups so that they dont look like crap too? also if i lower my pickups cause i got them pretty high will it affect the sound? with guitar cleaner and polish should i put it on first or is there something i should do before applying the polish? thanks for the help and i know i probably seem like a noob at this but i actually never asked or thought about it and trust me i have good ideas of these questions but i dont know any other guitarists in my area that could help so my trust is in you. *gulp*
Action is the height between the top of the 12th fret and the bottom of the string.

You can polish plastic parts, too.

It will affect the sound if you lower your pickups. They're quite high up on a GSA. It's hard to lower the single coils cos there's a piece of foam under them. Lowering them will give it less output power.

Polish can be applied straight away. Spray it on a cloth and wipe. Done.