I'm looking for a relatively large guitar (im a big dude) with stock EMG's, and a non-trem bridge. These were the two I came across, so I'm wondering which is better and why. I'll definitely try them both out before I consider buying one flat out, but I'd like to hear some opinions/facts first.
Can't help you as to how they play, but aesthetically, I think the Viper would be the one to get, but I think always, as you said, try before you buy, especially with guitars. Good luck finding one.
If my knowledge serves me right, they are pretty much exactly the same thing, but in different shapes.
a friend of mine has the EX400 and it plays so amazingly smooth

only downside is that it is quite neck heavy.....

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What's the difference between the EMG 85 and the EMG 60 in the neck? The EX has the 60 (pretty much a James Hetfield sig), and the Viper has the 85.
ive played both, the ex is a little prone to hit of walls cause of its big tail, the viper has a tendancy to neck dive cause its an sg style. Thats the only real bad thing on it. If u be carefull they shouldnt be a problem, if u a big dude and want a big(ish) guitar withour a trem and an amazing neck, i would suggest a dean ml79 or a razorback db, or an epiphone les paul.

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Quote by ultimatedaver
If my knowledge serves me right, they are pretty much exactly the same thing, but in different shapes.
Different size/amount of wood would make a difference though right? That and the different neck pickup.
some schecters might be good for you aswell.
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Quote by Shredx
some schecters might be good for you aswell.
The C-1 Blackjack looks nice, it's the only one in my price range that I like that has aftermarket pups
I have been trying an Explorer from GC for a week now and I'm pretty much ready to take it back due to the shape. Big dude? Don't know if I am? 6' 200 but just can't get the right arm to feel right with it. I too am ready to try a Viper. I really wanted one but came across a good deal on the X. My $300 Ibanez has what I think are better pickups than the X. [at least they don't feedback like hell] Same price for them both by the way.

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viper deff, i've played both. if i was to get one for free, i'd pick the viper. good playing and of course sig tone by the emg's
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