Alright, so right now I have some GHS Light strings on my electric guitar, but was wondering if there's a better maker/model/whatever for playing metal? I'm not talking about death metal or anything, though, just stuff like "One" by Metallica or "The PLEDGE" by Dir en grey (for those of you who know the song and/or band ).

I hear a lot of good things about Ernie Ball and DR, but since I'm on a very tight budget (yeah, I know they're not really expensive, but...hey), I kind of would like some input.

Also, what's the difference between the different sizes? I know heavy gauges are common death metal and the like, but what about the others?
i know dime used dr, and thats what one my friends uses. i use ernie ball and i think they are great. and you might even check out dunlop strings, alot of pros and especially metal dudes are saying they use them now. and for guages, a set of 10s is great cause you have slinkyness but still plenty of chunk in the rhythm. i use ernie ball slinky top, heavy bottom. they are great for metal rock and blues.
Bigger gauge strings make more of a fat and deep sound, while lighter strings give a very nice clean and lead tone. I use Ernie Ball Super Slinky's, and I think they are great as well as versatile.
You want nice chunky strings if you plan on tuning down a lot, but otherwise 10's would be perfectly suitable, I use Ernie Ball strings and they are very good and reasonably priced, but there are other brands that are just as good.
Different guages have different tension.

Thicker guage = tighter = you can tune down without them feeling like rubber bands. That's why metal players love them, cos they usually tune down a step or two.

Also, thicker strings supposedly give thicker tone, probably cos there's more FOCKING METAL in the pickups' magnetic field.

The alloy used makes a difference, too. More nickel = warmer, more steel = brighter.

With brands, it's pretty much down to preference. I can't really see a big difference between reputable brands. However, many say taht Ernie Balls feel softer than most other strings. I don't know if that's true. I use D'Addario.

Just don't get Gibson Brite Wires. They corrode quickly. They're the only strings that I can specifically point out that suck.
Thanks a lot guys! I've heard some good things w/ D'Addario as well. I'll probably pick up some Earnie Balls next time I change to see if they live up to the hype with me.

So, I should just be sticking w/ 9's & 10's, then?
I tried a pack of dunlop strings, and they are by far the biggest piece of s**t out there. They are so poorly made two of the ball ends came off when I was putting the strings on. The other four I strung up with two other spare Ernie Ball strings I had, and TWO of them broke the first night of playing on them. Stick to picks dunlop...
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