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NovemberRain273 - Super Mario Rock
7 17%
12Jim34 - Gerudo Valley Theme
7 17%
Davester000 - Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks Theme
13 31%
Donkey Fly - Heavy Metal Zelda - Lost Woods
15 36%
Voters: 42.
Here it is!
The final of the Game Theme Contest 2008!

The 4 that made the final cut are -

NovemberRain273 - Super Mario Rock - Linkety Link

12Jim34 - Gerudo Valley Theme - Linkety Link

Davester000 - Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks Theme - Linkety Link

Donkey Fly - Heavy Metal Zelda - Lost Woods - Linkety Link - Its in the beast of a list of songs

Again, public vote, contestants can vote for themselves, good luck everybody!

Get voting!
No poll?

Lost Woods for me.
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This is the first time I've seen this contest, but wow, all four are great. The Super Mario Rock is interesting, but not my favorite. Gerudo Valley is a nice upbeat remix, nothing too different though. I really like the power metal sound of Lost Woods, and the shred near the end.

Dire Dire Docks though... holy shit. WOW. That DEFINITELY has my vote. It's really, really ****ing good.
I'd have to say Dire Docks is the best. Lost woods is amazing, but it's too short. Dire Docks manages to keep that similar type of thunder within a longer time span.
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I have to say even tho i love the gerudu valley song and the lost woods song in the game the dire dire docks here beats all

Who'd of thought a little italian plumber would ever be so famous...?

EDIT: Thanks for the votes guys, to be honest i think that its a very close one to call because of the ideas and originality put foward in the entries. I know that there's shredding, adapting to different genre's, transforming songs into peoples own playing style.

If guitar-god doesn't start another contest like this then i will
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If guitar-god doesn't start another contest like this then i will

Well your in luck then, i probably will start another one, but possibly with a twist.
Probably around christmas though, and if i forget, or anybody thinks its due again, just go ahead and do it just give a little credit
Difficult decision!

But I must say I rather enjoyed 12Jim34's Gerudo Valley theme.
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i vote for e) "None of the above"
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Dire Dire Docks.
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That songs is my favorite from any of the mario games.
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i vote for e) "None of the above"

Just not posting a reply would of had the same outcome...?
A massive well done to -

First place - Donkey Fly with Heavy Metal Zelda - Lost Woods
A well deserved win, not to take anything away from the others, everybodies was exceptional.

Second place - Davester000 with Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks Theme

Joint Third and Fourth 12Jim34 With Gerudo Valley Theme
NovemberRain273 with Super Mario Rock

Thanks everybody that entered, hope youll enter the next time.