Im having some problems with my EMG's.

To cut it short basically my 85's are working fine, but my 81's arent.

Now if I was to look at the soldering job which wires or connections should I be seeing are connected?

My m8 is good at this but hes not coming to next week and I wanna get this fixed lol.

Ive never installed them before and im shit at reading the diagrams so all help here would be greatly appreciated.


weird, im having the same problem, but reversed. my 85 just stopped working.
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don't emg use the quick connect system rather than solder?
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LOL honestly..... if you buddies good at it... don`t f*ck with your guitar, just wait, because if you burn your pickup out it`ll cost you alot more and you`ll probly be waiting longer then a week