If they know what they're doing I wouldn't think so, and plus a guitar set up is to get rid of fret buzz, so obviously if they leave some take your guitar back and say "Hey uhm what the ****, my guitar still buzzes dumb asses..."
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I see. I initially brought it in to get a whammy bar since I bought one that didn't fit. The guy says "oh, you need a new spring (in the back)..." then I believe he suggested that I get it set up, I explained I went from 9 gauge to 11's, so I figured I'd get it done.

It felt fine after the new spring, and it wasn't too bad, a little buzz when I'd bend a string, but nothing to complain about. I thought the set up would help lower the action (which is pretty high) and I figured any "professional" help wouldn't hurt.

On second check, it buzzes a hell of a lot. they probably figured they could lower the action a millimeter and make the bridge all angled and call it a day. These guys aren't luthiers at all, and I'm starting to believe the complaints that they're just money eating douchebags (although, it's the largest music store in the county, and it ain't much). It sounded better when I tried it myself, which is probably what I'll do.