Hey, I just bought a jackson Randy Rhodes model guitar and its awesome. But today, I tried to tune it, and everytime i tune a string, it slowly pulls itself out of tune in about a minute. It's driving me ****ing nuts can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Here's a picture if you don't know.

Don't poke out an eye now.

And no I have no idea why it's doing that..
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You have an RR1 and you dont even know it.

Hate to break it to you kid, but you dont have a $300 Jackson JS30. You have a $2000+ Jackson Custom Shop guitar. Assuming you took the 2nd pic of course.

How do these things happen?

Anyway, it's prabobly your Floyd Rose. When you press the locking nuts down, it pushed your guitar out of tune a little. Use the fine tuners at the end of your bridge. If you have an RR1T with no Floyd, then I dont know what the problem could be. Maybe intonation or a neck that isnt straight.
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You should take it back, I think it might hae a problem with the bridge if its an RR with a tremolo, or your tuners are defective
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Youll get more help in the Electric guitar section, but my advice is...

Remove the strings, rub a pencil/graphite on the nut, make sure there are no sharp points on the bridge saddles, put strings back on. If that doesnt fix it, bring it in for a set up. What model is it? (like RR5, RR24, etc...)

EDIT: I just saw you post a picture of the headstock. The model you have isnt the low end one in the first picture, and yours has a Floyd. the Floyd is whats doing it, block it with a spoon or something flat when you tune it.

Actually, im pretty sure thats a really high end RR...
Ones got a floyd and that big one has a stopbar

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if it has a floyd rose (dumb suggestion) tighten the string locks until you cant anymore
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If you seriously have a high end Rhoads with a Floyd and don't know how to use it, you need to take it back and buy a 300 dollar JS, you don't deserve it.

If you have the 300 dollar JS, and it's doing that, yeah, something's probably wrong with it.

Either way, smooth move posting two pics of two completely different guitars.
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I have a high end rhoads, and I do know how to use it

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